B(I)8 - XM264
B(I)8,  XM264 - port
(Photo : Les Bywaters)

This B(I)8 Canberra Interdictor entered service with 16 Sqd in 1958 at RAFG Laarbruch. It was shuffled around between the B(I)8 squadrons in RAF Gemany, being transferred first to 3 Sqd at RAFG Geilenkirch and then to 14 Sqd at RAFG Wildenrath and finally back to 16 Sqd at RAFG Laarbruch.

In 1972, after 14 years of service, XM264 was struck off RAF charge when 16 Sqd was closed down at RAFG Laarbruch. By that time it had acquired 16 Sqdn's "sharkmouth" motif and the distinctive yellow-edged band around the fuselage. It was held at RAFG Laarbruch as a "decoy" aircraft and then "preserved" there between 1980 and 1989.

XM264 was eventually purchased by Peter Junior for his air museum - Flugausstellung Junior - near Hermeskeil. It was dismantled and moved to Peter's site around 1991. It has now been re-built and is shown on display. It does not have the engines - as there are no cartridge start bullets protruding from the intakes. Notice also the way the B(I)8's European Dark Green/Dark Grey camoflage scheme has deteriorated to a sort-of dirty brown and light grey. I've noticed this affect on other preserved aircraft that stand outside in all weathers.

This actual B(I)8 was with 3 Sqd at RAF Geilenkirchen when I was there in 1962-65. My wife and I visited Peter Junior's excellent museum in the summer of 1998. . . and I was "reunited" with XM264 after 35 years.

XM264 & LesB