T.4 - XH584
XH584 at Newark
(Photo : Les Bywaters)

Built at English Electric's Preston works as one of a two aircraft contract placed in 1954, XH584 was ready for collection on 18 March 1955. It was taken onto MoD charge and issued to 231 Officer Conversion Unit at RAF Bassingbourn. XH584 stayed with 231 OCU for the rest of its flying career until it came to the end of its fatique life.

On 12 July 1966, XH584 was struck off charge after just 10 years flying. This T.4 must have had a very intensive flying life with 231 OCU helping train and convert hundreds of pilots.

The cockpit section was purchased by Bill Fern and it now resides at the South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum AeroVenture, Doncaster. In the photo above, XH584 can be seen to be in excellent condition when on display at the Newark Air Museum's Canberra Fest in May 2001. [That's the owner in the picture.]