PR.9 - XH170
XH170 - stbd side
Current Gate Guard at RAF Wyton (Photo : Les Bywaters)

XH170 - Malacca
XH170 over the Malacca Straits (Photo : John Burnapp)

Another PR.9, this time as a well presented Gate Guard.

XH170 entered service with 58 Sqd at RAF Wyton in 1960 during the introductory phase of the PR.9 into the RAF. During its career, XH170 was loaned to the Ministry of Aircraft and eventually returned to the RAF to join 39 Sqd at RAF Luqua. At that time 39 Sqd were part of the Near East Air Force and based in Malta. On the disbandment of 58 Sqd, 39 Sqd returned to the UK (RAF Wyton) in October 1970 and brought their PR.9s with them.

39 Sqd became the Tactical Recce/Strategic Recce unit for war deployment to the Northern Flank using Oerland, Norway as a detachment base so XH170 would have had some cold trips after the warmth of Malta.

The top photo shows XH170 looking really good in 39 Sqd colours (pre-"hemp" scheme), proudly standing as Gate Guard at its "home-base" of RAF Wyton.

The lower photo, supplied by John Burnapp, was taken during 39 Sqd's detachment to RAF Tengah in 1974, shows XH170 flying over the Malacca Straits. The photo was taken from the second PR.9's nose F95 camera.