PR.9 (SC.9) - XH132
XH132 - Italy
(Photo, copyright : Albino Panigarri - Owner)
XH132 - St Mawgan
At RAF St Mawgan (Photo, copyright : Paul Crawley)
"In-Service" photo below.

This interesting looking PR.9 never entered the RAF but still gave 36 years service as a "Trials" aircraft.

XH132 was "awaiting collection" at Preston in1959 and was eventually delivered directly into Ministry of Supply charge in 1960. It was transferred to Short Brothers factory in Ireland and was rebuilt as a specialised "Shorts SC.9" with the capability of carrying several different types of nose-mounted equipment for missile homing head trails. Then on to DeHavilland Propellors at Hatfield where it spent many years as part of the "Red Top" guided missile trails programme. Another move saw XH132 transferred to Hawker Siddeley Dynamics for a continuation of the trails before going on to the Radar Research Establishment at Pershore in 1972 for "Sky Flash" guided weapon homing-head development in 1972.

It was eventually transferred to Battle Damage Research Flight, RAF St Mawgan, in 1986 where it stayed. The photograph shows it on display at a St Mawgan open day.

SC.9 was eventually broken up at RAF St Mawgan, however, the distinctive nose was saved by an enthusiast in Cornwall. It was bought (in 1998?) by an Italian enthusiast and collector, Albino Panigarri. The photo of SC.9 on its transport frame shows it in the Italian sun where Albino hopes to refurbish it as much as possible.

It would be interesting to find out more about this Canberra's career. If anyone has any information or any further detail please get in touch with me.

XH132 - RAE
SC.9 (XH132) in RAE colours at RAF Wyton Open Day 1976.
(Photo, copyright : J.B.E. Hale)