PR.7 - WT537
WT537 WT537 - Gate Guard, Samlesbury
(Photo : Garry Lakin)
WT537 - 13 Sqd 1979 WT537 - with 13 Sqd at RAF Wyton 1979
(Photo : J B E Hale)
WT537 canopy
This is what happens when there's a crack in the canopy or the seal has deteriorated.
The dark area at the bottom of the bubble is water! The rain is getting in and filling the space between the double-glazed canopy.

(Photo : Garry Lakin)

There isn't much history to tell about this Canberra. WT537 was collected by the RAF in December 1955 and went into service with 17 Sqd at RAFG Wahn. Later it was transferred to and flew with 31 Sqd at RAFG Laarbruch. It was then transferred again, this time to sunnier climes going to 13 Sqd. It may have joined 13 Sqd while they were at RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus, but would have been with them when they were based at RAF Luqa, Malta.

WT537 moved with 13 Sqd to their final base at RAF Wyton (Oct 1978) and is shown in the above black and white photo at RAF Wyton in 1979. In November 1981 (a month before 13 Sqd was disbanded), WT537 was sold to the British Aircraft Corporation where it was probably stored and then refurbished. It was made the Gate Guard at Samlesbury where Garry Lakin took the picture.