PR.7 - WT534
WT534 in a bit of a state at AeroVenture, Doncaster. (Photo : Cliff Ibell)

Built in 1955, this PR.7 was ready for collection on 30 September of that year. First issued to 17 Sqn at RAFG Wahn in the middle of 1956, this PR.7 was one of the aircraft that replaced the Canberra PR.3's they had flown before moving from RAFG Wildenrath. Between then and 1977 it also flew with 80 Sqn at RAFG Laarbruch (or Bruggen) and then, finally back with 17 Sqn again.

In 1977 WD934 was transferred to No 1 School of Technical Training (RAF Halton) and designated as a Ground Instructional airframe, Number 8549M. There it played its part in the training of RAF Apprentices for four more years until it was relegated to Halton's Fire Dump in 1981.

Broken up in 1982, the nose section was sent to Abingdon on 29 March from where it eventually was passed on to 489 (ATC) Sqn, Birmingham. In September 1987, WD934 was transferred to the ownership of 492 (ATC) Sqn, at Shirley. There it languished for years until it showed up at South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum AeroVenture.

I reckon there's a lot of work to be done on this Canberra cockpit section to bring it up to static display standard, especially with the nose cone structure removed like that. The cockpit is owned by Naylan Moore who is reported as saying it will be restored at some time. Anyway, my thanks to Cliff Ibell for the photo (March 2005).

WT534 - 17Sqn
WT534 in better days with 17 Sqn. Seen flying over a typical PR target in Germany.(Photo : Unknown)