B(I)8 - WT339
All that's left of this 88 Sqd B(I)8 - on the Fire Dump at RAF Barkston Heath in 1992 (Photo Mark Lindley)

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Built in late 1955 and waiting collection in March 1956, WT339 entered RAF service with 88 Sqd at RAFG Wildenrath. 88 Sqd was the first of the B(I)8 equipped RAF Strike Squadrons having been formed at Wildenrath early in the same year. WT339 remained on this squadron's inventory when 88 was renumbered to 14 Sqd in December 1962 - still at RAFG Wildenrath. A picture of this aircraft with 88 Sqd is on the B(I)8 Gallery page.

As with many of the B(I)8s, WT339 was moved between the Strike Squadrons and it was transferred from 14 Sqd to 3 Sqd at RAFG Gielenkirchen. Transfer date uncertain but I don't remember it on 3 Sqd at the time I was with them up to 1965 (may be wrong though - be glad to hear from anyone who can tell me yes or no). This B(I)8 would have remained at Geilenkirchen until January 1968 when 3 Sqd moved to RAFG Laarbruch, the home of 16 Sqd, another B(I)8 outfit. When 3 Sqd was closed down in January 1972 (to convert to Harriers), WT339 transferred to the charge of 16 Sqd at Laarbruch - but not for long. 16 Sqd itself shut down in June the same year with most of its B(I)8s scattering to the winds. WT339 departed for the Engineering Department at RAF Cranwell to be used as a ground instructional airframe with the G/I number 8198M and was struck off charge at the same time.

After nearly ten years as an engineering aid at Cranwell, WT339 was moved to the fire dump there in February 1982 where it languished for five years. Its next and final move was to the fire dump at RAF Barkston Heath in 1987 where, five years later in 1992, aircraft enthusiast Mark Lindley came across it and took the above photo.

Is it still there? . . . well, basically yes it is. Damien Burke took a couple of photos of it at the beginning of March 2000. Despite the depradations of the elements and the fire service, this B(I)8 is still extant.

WT339, March 2000
WT339, March 2000