B(I)6 - WT308
WT308 - Predannack
Looking sad at Predannack in July 2004 (Photo : Mark Gauntlett - ICC)
  With RAE
In better days sporting RAE's "Rasberry Ripple" colours at Farnbourgh (Photo : Nick Challoner)
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WT308 was built against a 1951 contract as a B(I)6 and was the second airframe of only 19 Canberras of this type - although one other, XG554, was added to the contract in 1954. The B(I)6 was an interim mark of Canberra produced as an Interdictor whilst the RAF awaited its B(I)8s. Essentially a B.6 airframe, the B(I)6s were modified to take a bomb-bay fitted 4x20 mm gunpack and underwing pylons for bombs and rockets. The B(I)6 in RAF service served only with 213 Sqn in Germany, the first of the RAFG Night Intruder Squadrons formed at RAFG Alhorn in July 1955 and later moving to RAFG Bruggen.

WT308 was taken on to RAF charge in May/June 1955. However, with only enough time, possibly, for its acceptance servicing, it was transferred to the charge of the Royal Aircraft Establishment in December of the same year and so it didn't actually see service with 213 Sqn.

It was recorded at RAE's Western Flight (at Farnborough) in 1975 at which time WT308 was painted all over white with pillar-box red nose and tail and the RAE badge on one side of the nose.

Incidentally, WT308's companion aircraft on RAE's Western Flight included a Hawker Hunter T.7 - XL563. Visit Damien Burke's Thunder and Lightnings site, the Hunter Section, to see a picture of this particular aircraft.

WT308 was put in RAE store at Farnborourgh in October 1988 and languished there for a number of years. Mark's photos (above and below) shows this Canberra, corroding away at the FAA Fire School, Predannack Airfield, Cornwall.

If you have any information about how WT308 got to Cornwall from Farnborough please let me know. Thanks.

  Cockpit   Navs
The rusting, derilict cockpit . . .       . . . and the navigator's station.
(Photos : Mark Gauntlett - ICC)