B.2 - WK165
WK165 - Stbd  WK165 - Port
(Photos : Dave Wallace (Australia))
WK165 is another Canberra with quite an interesting career. It was one of a batch of 75 built by A.V.Roe (Woodford) and was taken into the RAF in Feb 1955. Didn't stay long however, as it was taken off RAF charge in Dec 1955. WK165 was allocated to the joint UK/Australian Weapons Research Establishment in 1956.

The WRE's base was at Edinburgh Field, South Australia, and all flight trials were carried out at Woomera, 300 miles away. WK165 was used primarily as a platform for airborne photography of weapons as well as being employed in other trials including various bomb and fuse developments. It was struck off charge (at Edinburgh Field) in 1970.

The aircraft has been acquired for preservation with the Eureka Aviation Museum. Dave Wallace's photos however show it in a poor state at Port Adelaide. Dave reports that WK165's fuselage seems in a good condition and that the wings, fin, tailplane etc may be with the aircraft but no re-building movement seems to be underway.