B.2/TT.18 - WK127
115 ATC Sqn's WK127 (Photo : Via Mike Davidson)
With BDRF at RAF Wyton (Photo : Unknown)
Coming in to land - with 7 Sqd RAF St Mawgan (Photo : Unknown)

Another picture at the bottom.

WK127 was built as a B.2 and ready for collection on 18 June 1954. It was initially taken onto the RAF's charge and issued to 10 Sqd (at RAF Scampton at the time). Later it was converted to TT.18 configuration (a Target Tug as denoted by the yellow and black "don't shoot me" stripes on the underside). It was then issued to 7Sqd - RAF St Mawgan - where it flew un-camouflaged. Later it was re-painted in the standard camouflage, colours shown in the main photo, and transferred to 100 Sqd, who were probably at RAF Wyton by then.

On 13 Dec 1988 it was involved in an accident causing it to be effectively written off for flying so it was used for spares - a "Christmas Tree" in RAF terms [because you got "presents" from it!]. It was next transferred to the Battle Damage Repair Flight (BDRF) at RAF Wyton, allotted a Ground Instructional Airframe serial number, 8985M and coded "FO", [see pic above outside RAF Wyton's No 4 Hangar]. However, WK127's code was "CS" [Charlie Sierra] in its flying days with 100 Sqd.

The blue X painted on the side denotes that WK127 was one of the many aircraft nominated as "war material" for the purposes of the SALT deal in the early 90s. - this TT.18 was scrapped at Wyton.

2004 saw a change of ownership for this TT.18 section. It has now been given a home by 115 (Peterborough) Sqn ATC (it was previously with 2484 Sqn ATC, Bassingbourne).

If anybody out there reading this has WK127 in their log book, I'm sure the ATC Sqd would be interested in hearing from you. Thanks.

Landing at RAF Wyton with 100 Sqd in 1986 (Photo : J.B.E. Hale)