T.17 - WH863
WH863 - front
(Photo : Les Bywaters)

Built in 1953 as a B.2 this Canberra went, in 1957, into the charge of the Command Signals Establishment for investigative work into high altitude fires. The investigation and trials were carried out with the Institute of Aviation Medicine and Royal Aircraft Establishment.

In 1963, WH863 was transferred to the English Electric Co where it undertook a series of trials during the development of the Electronic Counter Measures suite for Canberras. 1965 saw WH863 with A&AEE, BAC, where it underwent reversion to B.2 standard.

It was returned to RAF charge in 1966, where, after full conversion to T.17 type, it served with 360 Sqd until it was struck off charge in 1981. From active service, WH863 was sent to the Battle Damage Repair Flight at RAF Marham as airframe 8693M. It was cut-up in 1990.

Luckily however, the nose section, which is now in extremely fine condition, was saved is currently on display at Newark Air Museum.