So far this site has only a four 'in-service' photos of this PR.3, three of them, in RAF service, are shown here. the other one, in service with Boscombe Down, is shown on WF922's main page. Acknowledgements to Mr Peter Green as well as the Military Aviation Review for the Luqa photo.

There must be other photographs out there of this Canberra, maybe as background to a personal photo. If you have, or know of, any such an e-mail to the Webmaster would be appreciated. This would, of course, include any photos or information about WF922's time at Boscombe Down.

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WF922, with 69Sqn, (RAFG Laarbruch), March 1958. (Photo via Ken Delve)

Practice for farewell flypast when 69 Sqn moved to Luqa, Malta. Note the broad white Vs on blue background on nosewheel doors. Note also WE139 in the formation, the London/New Zealand Air Race winner and the only other PR.3 preserved complete (at RAF Museum Hendon).

WF922, in 69Sqn's Hangar, (RAFG Laarbruch), 1955. (Photo : Bob Farrow)
(WF922 is in middle background)

Photo submitted by Bob Farrow who worked on WF922 for over two years when 69 Sqn reformed with PR3s in 1954. Bob says, "I have very fond memories of that period and it was a great squadron to be on. Incidentally the colour scheme on the nosewheel doors are not meant to be "Vs", they do in fact show the cross of St. Andrew (when closed). This was done because our boss, Sqdn.Ldr. Mackie was a Scot."

WF922, with 39Sqn, on approach to Luqa (Malta) in 1958. (Photo via Pete Green & Military Aviation Review)
Note the 39 Sqn markings on the tip tanks.
WF922 on approach to Boscombe Down in 1970. (Photo Adrian Balch Archives)
Note similarity of external appearance to the image on the first page.