Malcolm Lambert

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922 After just over two years work on a three day a week work schedule I am fairly certain that the project is nearing completion and will soon revert to a care and maintenance exercise. For those that want to know I have learnt an awful lot during those two years and have been asked to compose an article that would supposedly pass on the knowledge and skills acquired to anyone contemplating turning up at a museum to offer their services to do a similar project. Or probably more importantly to allow a self assessment to be made to see if indeed you have the skills and commitment to even try.

Be warned though restoring a static aircraft or its equipment is rather a dry and fairly specialised subject with only fleeting moments of humour. These thoughts are intended to be an addendum to the Project Report articles already available on this web site. But, I hope they might fill in some of the motivational reasons for tackling the project in the first place.

The narrative has been divided into Chapters for easy reading and, for convienience, is presented as a series of pages on this web site. The links below will take you onwards.

On a personal note, after leaving school I joined up as an RAF apprentice electrician with the 86 Entry 1957-1960. From this beginning I went on to serve a further 22 years ending up as a Chief Technician Trade Manager. Wizened? Grumpy? Maybe. But with a knowledge of miltary aircraft servicing and procedures as well as a wealth of aircraft experience.


Malcolm Lambert
Midlands Air Museum : 2006

Malcolm at the entrance door to
MAM's Canberra PR.3, WF922

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