B.2 - WF911
WF911 - Gloster Aviation Club. (Photo : Clive Davies)
This B.2 was produced by the English Electric Co, Preston, as part of Contract No 6/ACFT/3520/CB6 (b) for 130 aircraft placed in March 1949. Actually built during 1952, WF911 was ready for collection on 29 August of that year when it was taken on charge by the MoD, WF911 was initially issued to 231 OCU at RAF Bassingbourn.

WF911 stayed with 231 OCU for 17 years until, on 21 May 1969, it was sold to BAe. It was allocated "Class B" marking G27-161 in 1969 ("civil" markings used for experimentation, test or export flying), but little is known of this B.2's flying career with BAe so any information regarding it would be welcome. It was finally scrapped at Samlesbury in 1976.

The Gloster Aviation Club acquired this cockpit from the Griffin Trust in July 2004. However, it wasn't transported to their clubhouse near Gloucester until November 2005. Bottom picture shows WF911 in transit on a wet and dismal day.

WF911 is painted up as a TT.18 and the Club say that it may stay in this scheme as it is satisfactory to them this way. However, this B.2 was never converted to TT.18 state (eg, no starboard navigator's window to allow Rushton Gear visual check), neither did it fly with any of the Target Towing squadrons - RAF or Royal Navy. It is shown coded as "CO", a designation that is thought not to have been used by 100 Sqn - they are the only squadron to have designated their aircraft in this way. Also, the photo of the cockpit panels does show a TT.18 winch control pilot's panel on the starboard coaming. This anomaly is not explainable at the moment, possibly a "trial" fit while with BAe. Maybe someone reading this can give more information regarding the fittment of this panel.

However, as Gloster Aviation Club now have a fine looking example of a very early B.2 cockpit section it is hoped that they can maintain it in good condition. They have the Canberra Tribute Site's best wishes and the hope that they can unearth more of WF911's history.

WF911 cockpit
WF911, Pilot's Station. (Photo : Clive Davies)

WF911 in transit
WF911. In Transit. (Photo : Clive Davies)