T.4 - WE192
WE192 Nose
WE192 Cockpit section at Blyth
(Photo : Damien Burke)
In the brief Red/White non-operational colour scheme - around 1973.
(Photo : Via Ken Delve/D.M.Sargent)

Awaiting collection in January 1953, this T.4 was one of an eight aircraft contract with the English Electric Co. It was delivered first to 231 OCU and thereafter led a very varied service life moving to various squadrons but always returning to 231 OCU.

In its 27 years of service with the RAF WE192 served with the following :

231 OCU; 3 Sqd; 231 OCU; 39 Sqd; 231 OCU; 360 Sqd: 231 OCU; 7 Sqd; 231 OCU.

This last transfer back to the OCU was its last. In November 1981, WE192 was sold to BAe and went into storage at Samlesbury. Seven years later in 1988, it went, or maybe part of it went, to the Solway Aviation Society at Carlilse.

The cockpit section now resides at the Blyth Valley Aviation Collection, Walpole, Suffolk.