Updates : May 2009
CanMan says "Everything's new - at least once."
Updates : January 2009
Les Bywaters - Les, author of this site, sadly passed away on 13th January 2009. It was his wish that the site continue on without him, and it is my privilege to take it over for him. - Damien Burke.

If you knew Les and wish to contribute any words towards a forthcoming tribute page, please email me your contribution.

Updates : November 2008
Canberra Systems - Notes on the camera fit added

Updates : October 2008
Canberra Systems - Early Instruments added
XM272 - Another B(I)8 added

Updates : September 2008
Canberra Systems - Early electrics added

Updates : July 2008
Canberra Systems - Notes on Canberra systems

Updates : January 2008
XH169 - PR.9 Survivor added.
WH779 - PR.7 Cockpit updated, new photo

Updates : April 2007
WF922, One Year On - Article by Malcolm Lambert.
WT365 - Added to B(I)8 Galleries
WE113 - Link to owner Chris Cannon's website added

Updates : August 2006
End of an Era - The Canberra retires from the RAF.

Updates : July 2006
XH175 - New photos of this PR.9 added
Editorial - Minor tweaks

Updates : May 2006
WF922 - 'In-Service' photo page added
WT205 - More recent photo added
WH779 - New Survivor added
WT330 - Added to B(I)8 Galleries
XH207 - Added to B(I)8 Galleries

Updates : April 2006
WJ821 - Pilot's story added
XH568 - B.6 removed from Survivors Listing

Updates : March 2006
WT336 - B(I)8 added to Galleries.
XM262 - B(I)8 added to Galleries.
XM273 - B(I)8 added to Galleries.
XH175 - New owner and new photos for this PR.9.
WT309 - B(I)6 Survivor added (Farnborough).

Updates : February 2006
Reflections . . . - Malcolm Lambert's article on volunteering for museum work and restoring and caring for a static aircraft display.
Editorial - Minor edits

Updates : January 2006
Canberra Foreign Operators - New illustrated table of all the Canberra foreign operators
Editorial - Various minor edits

Updates : December, 2005
Canberra Variants - New illustrated table of all the Canberra variants
WF922 - Latest Project Report added- the final report
WH984 - Update- new owner and location
WF911 - New Survivor added

Updates : November, 2005
WJ874 (VN799) - New, airworthy, Canberra T.4 "survivor" added

Updates : October, 2005
WT486 - Canberra T.4 "survivor" added

Updates : September, 2005
WF922 - Latest refurbishment progress report added (September)

Updates : August, 2005
WT363 - B(I)8 added to Galleries
WT366 - B(I)8 added to Galleries
XH234 - B(I)8 added to Galleries
XM270 - B(I)8 added to Galleries
XM268 - Photo replaced with new picture
XM275 - New, clickable large photo added
Editorial tweaks

Updates : June, 2005
WF922 - Latest Progress Report and new photos added
WT308 - New photos added
WJ676 - New photo added

Updates : May, 2005
WD935 - New Survivor added
WT534 - New Survivor added
WJ821 - New Survivor added
EE Canberra Book - Reviewed for the Web Site
WT319 - Latest picture added
XM267 - Further B(I)8 added
WT520 - New Survivor added

Updates : April, 2005
WF922 - Pages re-arranged and small gallery added
39 Sqn Page - New photo of PR.9 XH131 added
Minor editorial tweaks

Updates : March, 2005
WF922 - Added latest restoration project report with pictures
WJ676 - New owner
Editorial stuff

Updates : February, 2005
WT525 - New Survivor added
Background - Copy of VN799 Flight Certificate added