Obituary from WF922 and her restorer
Malcolm Lambert

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I couldn't let Les pass on without a small tribute from the pair of us.

When I first contacted Les with a view to a restoration log and possible articles on the restoration of WF922 he was so enthusiastic that even if I had wanted to I couldn't possibly not do it. So with Les's encouragement and full support the three year task of working and writing began. Without this kind of support I might at some of the worst stages of restoration have given up. Therefore in hind site I want every one to realise that Les contributed greatly to the completion of WF922 and it will stand as a tribute to his enthusiasm and support.

Regular monthly visits were made by Les during the restoration when he set up camp alongside the aircraft entrance door acting as an ambassador to the project and Canberra's in general. He cajoled and arm twisted me to provide him with articles for the web site and once again it is only in retrospect that you can see he had the gift of foresight, knowing that WF922 would outlast the pair of us, and in the end we owed it to future generations to document what we did. It is typical of Les that he secured the future of his website & passed it on to such capable hands.

You do meet people as you progress in life that materially change the course of your own life, Les did that for me and MAM's Canberra WF922, she now sits proudly as a tribute to his enthusiasm and undoubted love for the type.

Malcolm Lambert

Les with WF922
Les with WF922 in 2004

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