Canberra Graveyard 3


All photographs from slides by Paul Crawley except WJ615
PR.7 - WJ817

"Awaiting collection" in 1954 this PR.7 had a varied squadron life. First to 58 Sqd then joining, in order, 17, 80, 58 and 13 Sqds before going to BDRF at RAF Wyton as 8695M in 1981. It was put onto the Fire Section in 1989 coded "FU2". . . but this was soon changed to "FU". (I wonder why . . . ?)


T.4 - WJ870

A much-travelled T.4. Built in 1954 it first served with 102 and 31 Sqds before transferring to Station Flight at RAFG Laarbuch. Joined 213 Sqd at Laarbruch for a while before moving to Station Flight at RAFG Bruggen. Returned to 213 Sqd before being loaned to the Royal Navy's FRADU organisation at Yeovilton. It was returned to RAF charge and joined 231 OCU at RAF Wyton. Loaned for a while to 7 Sqd it returned to 231 OCU. Its next detachment was to 360 Sqd for a while before re-joining 231 OCU's strength. Eventually, this T.4 was allocated a ground number, 8683M, and moved to BDRF at RAF St Mawgan in 1981.


PR.7 - WT519

Built in 1955, into RAF service and straight to 33 MU for acceptance checks. Then onto 31 Sqd. Transferred to MoD(PE) and then A&AEE for flight trials until 1973. Moved to 60 MU in Nov 73. Back onto the squadrons joining 13 Sqd then back to the UK transferring to 100 Sqd as "CH". In open storage at RAF Wyton in 1992.

This PR.7 was broken up on 14 February 2006..


B.2 - WJ615

This B.2 was built in 1953 and was on the strength of 50 Sqd at RAF Upwood when it crashed into the mountain at night on 22 Nov 1956. The metal looks in remarkably good, clean condition for a wreck that's been lying on a Scottish mountain at 3000+ ft for 43 years. And notice the aircraft number on the wing - the paint is still visible.

WJ615-01 (Photo : Jim Corbett)

B.2 - WJ615

The wreck is in the Scottish mountains to the south of Balmoral. Jim Corbett says, "I actually spotted the wreck from the summit of Lochnagar about 3 miles north of the site."

The photos were actually taken by Jim's father when they were all on a trek in 1996. Jim Corbett is on the left in this picture, the guy on the right is Ian.

WJ615-02 (Photo : Jim Corbett)