Canberra Graveyard 2


All photographs from slides by Paul Crawley.
WJ603 B.2 - WJ603

Built in 1953 this Canberra had a long and varied service in the RAF serving with 18, 115, 35, 6, 98, 85, 98 and 100 Sqds. WJ603 was last flown 1980 and then transferred to Battle Damage Repair Flight at RAF Wattisham as 8664M. Noted for sale in 1991. Shown here at the RAF Wattisham dump in 1992 - and yes, that is a Phantom in the background.

WJ630 B.2 - WJ630

Built in 1954, this Canberra served with 100 Sqd and then 45 Sqd. It was then loaned to the Royal New Zealand Air Force serving there with 75 Sqd. On its return to the RAF it was converted to T.17 configuration in 1967. After conversion WJ630 joined 360 Sqd at RAF Watton as "ED".

WJ636 B.2 - WJ636

Built in 1954 WJ636 first served with 104 Sqd. It moved to 61 Sqd and then 35 Sqd before transferring to BAC for conversion to TT.18 target tug in 1967. It was sent to 27MU for refit and then onto the charge of the Royal Navy's FRU & FRADU. After its RN service it was stored at RAF St Athan from where it was picked to join the strength of 100 Sqd as "CX". It was in open storage again at RAF Wyton in 1992.

WJ731 B.2 - WJ731

This B.2 was "awaiting collection" in 1953. In RAF service, WJ731 served with 76, 90, 50 Sqds before transferring to 231 OCU. It joined, for brief spell, 7 Sqd but returned to 231 OCU as "BK".

WJ758 B.6 - WJ758

"Awaiting collection" in 1954, WJ758 went first onto the charge of 101 Sqd. It was then transferred to 12 Sqd. During its time with 12, it crashed at Tai Kali - a hydraulic leak meant a wheels-up landing. WJ758 was noted in Malta in December 1957. Paul's photo shows it at the RAF Wyton dump.