Canberra Graveyard 1


All photographs from slides by Paul Crawley except WT538

Please note that the "Graveyard" at RAF Wyton no longer exists as such, all Canberras have been moved over the years. The pictures here, therefore, are of historic interest only and not representative of any current situation.

PR.7 - WT538 "CJ"
(Photo : Gerry Brown)

All that's left of WT538, "CJ" 100 Sqn, lying in the back of a hangar at RAF Wyton alongside the nose section of T.17 WJ633.

Ready for collection in November 1955, this PR.7 flew with (in order) 17, 13, 17, 80, 31, 80, 31, 13 and finally 100 Sqns.


RAF Wyton Dump - 1

Some of the Canberras that ended up the dump on RAF Wyton. 360 Sqn closed down at Wyton which explains the T.17, the PR.7 is probably left over from 39 Sqn or also of 100 Sqn.

Wyton Dump

RAF Wyton Dump - 2

A T.4, most of it now dismantled and gone. How many pilots learned or re-learned the Canberra in this aircraft? Doesn't matter now.

Wyton Dump

Canberra Nose Sections

At least two Canberra nose sections lying at Bruntingthorpe. Just the thing for a Christmas present for a CanMan. No? Well...maybe not.