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Canberra B(I)8 Gallery - 6 - Foreign Users
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B(I)68 - Peruvian Air Force
(Photo via : Sergio de la Puente)

A number of ex-RAF B(I)8's were re-worked by Marshalls of Cambridge as a B(I)68's for the Peruvian Air Force. Originally in a sand/brown scheme, they were later painted as shown.


B(I)12 - Royal New Zealand Air Force
(Via : Unknown)

During July 1958 to January 1962 the RNZAF borrowed sufficient RAF B.2's to equip their 75 Sqd for service even though a contract had been placed in February 1958 for eleven aircraft, nine B(I)12's and two T.13's (T.4's). The nine B(I)12's were built by English Electric Co for New Zealand and were modified B(I)8's with auto-pilot and extra navigation equipment. The photo shows ex-B(I)8, WT329 which was used for trials installations for the contract. Delivery was between 1959 and 1961. This B(I)12 became NZ6101 of 14 Sqd RNZAF, it unfortunately crashed at Christchurch in November 1960.

New Zealand
B(I)12 - NZ6101

B(I)12 - Royal New Zealand Air Force
(Photo : Barry Jones Collection )

Delivered direct from Warton to 23 MU on 30 Sept 1959, this was one of the very last Canberras built by English Electric. Built as a B(I)12 for the RNZAF, it was delivered to their charge on 14 Oct 1959. It proved faulty though and was returned by air to the UK with a faulty main spar. To BAC on 1 May 1970 and broken up at Samlesbury in May 1976.

NZ6106 B(I)12 - NZ6106

B(I)58 - Indian Air Force
(Via Unknown)

Two newly refurbished and converted B(I)58s for the Indian Air Force formate gracefully during their test flight from Warton. The two aircraft are IA-910 (nearest the camera) and IA-909.

IA-909 is an ex-RAF B(I)8 XH239; IA-910 is also an ex-RAF B(I)8, XH240.

IAF B(I)58s

B(I)12 - South African Air Force
(Via Unknown)

Six B(I)12s were delivered in 1963/64 for use by 12 Sqd of the SAAF they were known as "Cans" by the SAAF crews. Used extensively for low and medium level bombing and photo recce during the SA troubles along the Namibian and Angolan borders. "454", shown here, was delivered in January 1964.


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