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3 Sqn 3 Squadron
Aircraft : B(I)8 Strike/Interdictor.

Formed at RAFG Geilenkirchen in January 1961 (renumbered from 59 Sqd). Moved to RAFG Laarbruch in January 1968. Squadron converted to Harriers in January 1972.
14 Sqn 14 Squadron
Aircraft : B(I)8 Strike/Interdictor.

Renumbered from 88 Sqn to 14 Sqn at RAFG Wildenrath in December 1962. Disbanded in December 1971.
16 Sqn 16 Squadron
Aircraft : B(I)8 Strike/Interdictor.

Formed at RAFG Laarbruch in March 1958. Flew B(I)8s for 14 years until re-equipped with Buccaneers in June 1972. 16 Sqn adopted a "shark's mouth" painted on the nose of their 8s - see "Survivor" XM264.
59 Sqn 59 Squadron
Aircraft : B.2 : B(I)8 Strike/Interdictor.

Formed at RAFG Gutersloh in August 1956 using B.2s until arrival of B(I)8s in April 1957. Moved to RAFG Geilenkirchen in November 1957. Renumbered as 3 Sqn 1st January 1961.
88 Sqn 88 Squadron
Aircraft : B(I)8 Strike/Interdictor.

Formed at RAFG Wildenrath in March 1956 and renumbered there as 14 Sqn December 1962.
88 Sqn had a live snake named "Fred Aldrovandi" as a mascot. Fred flew with the Sqn on trips to Gibraltar and was reported to be - fine as long as he could snooze in the sun on the bomb-aimer's mattress. No anoxia problems even at 40,000ft!
213 Sqn 213 Squadron
Aircraft : B(I)6 Strike/Interdictor.

Formed at RAFG Ahlhorn in July 1955 with B(I)6s, moved to RAFG Bruggen August 1957 and disbanded in December 1969. This was the first of the RAF's Strike Squadrons. 213 Sqn weren't issued with the Canberra B(I)8. Their B(I)6s however still flew as Interdictors with the gun-pack fitted.