This list was originally complied from the book "English Electric CANBERRA" (1990/91) but when I started this in 1998, the information was mostly out of date. The list has, however, been updated somewhat from later information and for that I wish to thank Damien Burke, Garry Lakin and Kev Darling (see the "Links" page). Also I want to thank all the many people world-wide that have taken the time to send me additional pictures and let me know of surviving Canberras.

If you know of any Canberras, no matter what the condition, that are not here, or now belong to someone else, or you have a photo of a "Survivor", please please E-mail me. Thank you.

In some cases, a photo and potted history are available for Canberras on this "Survivors" list. Clicking on the link will bring up the appropriate survivor's photo-page.

Last update : August, 2008

WD931  -   Aerospace Museum, RAF Cosford, Shropshire (nose section)
WD935  -   South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum AeroVenture
WD954  -   Private. Mr Barry Wallond (nose section)
WE113  -   Privately owned by Chris Cannon, Woodhurst, Cambridgeshire (nose section)
WF911  -   Gloster Aviation Club (nose section)
WG789  -   Steve Pickup, Mendlesham, Suffolk (nose section)   
WH657  -   Air Museum, Brenzett, Kent   
WH673  -   Foulness (fuselage section)
WH700  -   Lincoln Nitshke Aircraft Collection, Greenock Australia   
WH703  -   Abingdon
WH725  -   Imperial War Museum, Duxford
WH739  -   2475 (ATC) Sqn, Ammanford, Camarthenshire, Wales
WH854  -   Martin Baker Ltd (cockpit section)
WH869  -   Abingdon as 8515M - probably broken up by now
WH876  -   Boscombe Down - cockpit only
WH903  -   Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington, N Yorkshire (nose section)
WH911  -   Scrapped by Park Aviation, Faygate, Sussex (front section)
WJ567  -   Jon Wilson, Houghton, Cambridgeshire (nose section)
WJ573  -   Henlow RAF Museum Store
WJ640  -   Film Studios, Denham Aerodrome, Buckinghamshire (nose section)
WJ676  -   Karl Edmonson, Newcastle UK (nose section)
WJ677  -   FAA Museum, Yeovilton
WJ678  -   Abingdon
WJ717  -   Engineering Training, RAF St Athan
WK138  -  As 99+35 of the West German AirForce Museum ( Luftwaffenmuseum) at Berlin-Gatow
WK144  -   RAF St Athan dump
WK145  -   Llanbedr dump (remains)
WK146  -   RAFEF Abingdon (nose section)
WK163  -   Classic Flight, Air Atlantique, Coventry Airport
WK164  -   PEE Foulness (nose section)
WK165  -   Port Adelaide Aircraft Museum, South Australia
WP515  -   Dave Thomas, West Glamorgan, Wales (nose section)

VX185  -   Scottish National Museum of Flight, East Fortune (nose only)

WH953  -   Blyth Valley Aviation Collection, Walpole, Suffolk (nose only)
WJ775  -   Stanford Training Area, Bodney Camp, Norfolk
WT301  -   DEODS Chattenden, Kent
XH567  -   Working in the USA with AirPlatforms Inc, Lakeport, CA.
XH568  -   Broken up at Bruntingthorpe, March 2006. Cockpit to Air Platforms Inc, USA

WT308  -   FAA Fire School, Preannack Airfield, Cornwall
WT309  -   Farnborough Air Sciences Trust, Farnbourgh Airfield Hants (nose only)
WT319  -   Private owner, Buckinghamshire

WT327  -   Working in the USA with AirPlatforms Inc, Lakeport, CA.
WT333  -   Bruntingthorpe
WT339  -   RAF Barkston Heath (fire dump)
WT346  -   RNZAF Museum, Christchurch, NZ
WT362  -   FFS Catterick (nose section)
WV787  -   B2/B(I)8 (mod) - Newark Air Museum
XM244  -   Gutersloh (fire dump)
XM264  -   Peter Junior's Flugausstellung Aircraft Museum, Hermeskeil, Germany
XM279  -   Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum, Flixton, Suffolk (nose only)

WH960  -   Rolls Royce Heritage Trust, Derby (nose only, view by appointment)
WH984  -   City of Norwich Aviation Museum, Horsham (nose only)
WT205  -   The R.A.F Manston History Museum (nose only)

B.20 [Royal Australian Air Force]
A84-201  -   Gate Guard at RAAF Amberly, Australia
A84-207  -   Gate Guard at Wanaka Transport Museum, New Zealand
A84-219  -   Alex Campbell Park, Brymaroo, Queensland, Australia
A84-223  -   Temora Aviation Museum, W Australia
A84-225  -   Queensland Air Museum, Australia
A84-226  -   At RAAF Wagga, Australia
A84-229  -   Privately owned, USA (Thomas Leek?)
A84-230  -   Air Force Association Museum, Bull Creek, W Australia
A84-232  -   Gate Guard, Avalon Airfield, Victoria, Australia
A84-235  -   Gate Guard at RAAF Wagga, Australia
A84-236  -   RAAF Museum, Point Cook, Victoria, Australia
A84-238  -   Caravan park outside RAAF BAse Amberly
A84-240  -   RNZAF Museum, Wigram
A84-241  -   Woomera, Australia
A84-245  -   DSTO Aeronautical and Maritime Research Laboratory (Fishermans Bend), Melbourne, Australia
A84-247  -   Australian War Memorial, Canberra, Australia
A84-248  -   Caravan park outside RAAF BAse Amberly
A84-307  -   Defense Muntions Depot, Kingswood, NSW, Australia
A84-502  -   At an ATC facility, Sydney, Australia

B(I)58 - Indian Air Force
IF907  -   Indian Air Force Museum, Palam, Delhi

B.62 - Argetinian Air Force
B-102  -   Olivia City, Cordoba Province, Argentina
B-105  -   Mar del Plata City, Argentine Air Force memorial
B-112  -   Parana, Entre Rios, Argentine

WE188  -   Solway Aviation Society, Carlisle
WE191  -   BAe Samlesbury Airfield, Lancs (fuselage only, dump)
WE192  -   Blyth Valley Aviation Collection, Walpole, Suffolk (nose section)
WH840  -   Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum, Flixton, Suffolk
WH844  -   Pendine Ranges, Dyfed, Wales
WH846  -   Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington, N Yorkshire *
WH848  -   RAF Wyton dump, now scrapped
WH849  -   RAF Shawbury, Shropshire
WH850  -   Barton Visitor Centre, Barton Aerodrome, Manchester (nose section)
WJ862  -   Cambridge Airport fire dump (nose section)
WJ863  -   Cambridge Airport (nose section - near 02 runway threshold)
WJ865  -   Boscombe Down Aviation Collection (nose section)
WJ867  -   RAF St Mawgan
WJ870  -   FFS Catterick (fire dump)
WJ872  -   Scrapped by 327 (ATC) Sqn, Kilmarnock, Strathclyde (nose section) fate unknown
WJ874  -   (VN799) Classic Flight, Air Atlantique, Coventry Airport
WJ876  -   RAF Abingdon (nose section)
WJ880  -   Dumfries & Galloway Aviation Museum, Dumfries, Scotland (nose section)
WJ992  -   Bournmouth Airport, Dorset (fire dump)
WT480  -   RAF Shawbury, Shropshire
WT482  -   Stratford Aircraft Collection, Long Marston (nose section)
WT483  -   Stratford Aircraft Collection, Long Marston
WT486  -   2241 ATC Sqn, Regent House School, Newtownards
WT488  -   Dunsfold Airfield (fire dump)
XH584  -   Privately owned. South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum AeroVenture, Doncaster (nose section)

WD955  -   Intact at Bodo, Norway. Due for display in their Museum
WH646  -   T.17A. Midland Air Museum, Baginton, Warwickshire
WH665  -   BAe Filton [in the open in poor condition]
WH740  -   East Midlands Aeropark, East Midlands Airport
WH863  -   Newark Air Museum (nose only)
WJ565  -   Privately owned by Glen Johnson(?). South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum AeroVenture (nose only)
WJ576  -   Alec Brew's Black Country Aircraft Collection, Boulton Paul Aircraft Heritage Project, Smiths Aerospace, Wobaston Road, Wolverhampton
WJ581  -   Was at the Wales Aircraft Museum, now closed (rear fuselage). Where now?
WJ633  -   RAF Wyton, (nose only)
WK102  -   Sue & Roy Jerman, Welshpool, Powys, Wales, (nose only)

WH724  -   Shawbury dump (nose section)
WJ975  -   Now scrapped - Museum closed down
WH904  -   Newark Air Museum

WT525  -   Privately owned, Richard Doel, Cambridge (nose only)

Tp52 [Swedish Air Force]
52001  -   Ugglarp Museum, Sweden
52002  -   Swedish Air Force Museum, Linkoeping, Sweden

WE122  -   Blyth Valley Aviation Collection, Walpole, Sufolk (nose only)
WH887  -   DTEO Llanbedr, Gwynedd, Wales (on dump)
WJ574  -   Flying - Van Nuys, California
WJ629  -   RAF Chivenor
WJ639  -   North East Aircraft Museum, Sunderland
WJ680  -   Temora Aviation Museum, Australia [Airworthy and flying]
WJ721  -   Dundonald Aviation Centre, Dundonald, Strathclyde, Scotland
WK118  -   John Hancock, Worcester
WK122  -   Currently at Bruntingthorpe, Leics
WK124  -   MoD Fire Training School, Manston
WK126  -   Jet Age Museum, was Staverton Airport, Gloucs. now moving
WK127  -   115 (Peterborough) ATC Sqn, Peterborough, Cambs (nose only)
WK128  -   No longer flying with DERA at Llanbedr. Saved?

WE139  -   RAF Museum, Hendon
WE142  -   Flowers Scrapyard, Chippenham, Wiltshire (nose section)
WE146  -   Farnbourgh (cockpit section)
WE168  -   Glen Mitchell, Colchester, Essex (nose section)
WE173  -   Robertsbridge Aviation Society, Robertsbridge, E. Sussex (nose section)
WF922  -   Midland Air Museum, Baginton

WH773  -   Vallance Byways, Charlwood
WH774  -   Farnbourgh fire dump
WH775  -   Sue & Roy Jerman, Welshpool, Powys, Wales (nose only)
WH777  -   Samlesbury (rear fuselage)
WH791  -   Newark Air Museum
WH779  -   East Midlands Aeropark
WH794  -   FFS Caterick fire dump
WH796  -   Hemswell Aviation Society, Hemswell (nose section)
WH798  -   Wales Aircraft Museum, Cardiff (rear at Samlesbury)
WJ581?  -   BB Aviation, Canterbury, Kent (nose only)
WJ817  -   RAF Wyton fire dump, now scrapped
WJ821  -   Bassingbourn Barracks, Royton
WT507  -   384 (ATC) Sqn, Mansfield, Notts (nose section)
WT518  -   Wales Aircraft Museum, Cardiff
WT519  -   RAF Wyton, fire dump. Broken up 14 Feb 2006
WT520  -   967 (ATC) Sqn, Preston, Lancs (nose only)
WT532  -   Bournemouth Aviation Museum.
WT534  -   Now at AeroVenture (South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum), nose only
WT536  -   Mr Frank Lund (nose only)
WT537  -   BAe Samlesbury, Lancs, GateGuard
WT538  -   RAF St Athan, S. Glamorgan (nose only)

XH131  -   One of the 'Last Three' used by the RAF. Owner unknown
XH132  -   The Short SC.9 Canberra, privately owned - Italy
XH134  -   One of the 'Last Three' used by the RAF. Owned by Midair S.A. (Mike Davis)
XH135  -   One of the 'Last Three' used by the RAF. Owner unknown
XH136  -   Phoenix Aviation, Bruntingthorpe (nose only)
XH165  -   Blythe Valley Aviation Collection, Walpole, Suffolk (nose section)
XH166  -   National Air and Space Museum, Los Corillos Airport, Chile [Chilean Air Force No - 341]
XH169  -   Gate Guard, RAF Marham
XH170  -   RAF Wyton GateGuard
XH171  -   RAF Cosford (2SoTT)
XH173  -   National Air and Space Museum, Los Corillos Airport, Chile [Chilean Air Force No - 343]
XH174  -   RAF St Athan, nose section only
XH175  -   Privately owned. Ross NcNeil, West Midlands (nose only)
XH177  -   Privately owned. On display at the Newark Air Museum (nose only)