Argentina was rather late in joing the world-wide Canberra owner's club. It first placed a contract at the end of 1967 for ten (10) B.2 and two (2) T.4 ex-RAF aircraft. These were refurbished and modified by BACand delivered as B.62s and T.64s between November 1970 and September 1971. The twelve aircraft were:

  • B-101 - WJ616 - B.62
  • B-102 - WJ713 - B.62
  • B-103 - WJ714 - B.62
  • B-104 - WH913 - B.62
  • B-105 - WH702 - B.62
  • B-106 - WH727 - B.62
  • B-107 - WH875 - B.62
  • B-108 - WH886 - B.62 (Destroyed in Malvinas 13 June 1982)
  • B-109 - WJ609 - B.62
  • B-110 - WJ619 - B.62 (Destroyed in Malvinas 01 May 1982)
  • B-111 - WT476 - T.64
  • B-112 - WJ875 - T.64

A second contract was placed in 1981 for a further two aircraft - WH914 (a B.92) and XH583 (a T.94). These were prepared for delivery but were embargoed because of the Falklands Conflict. Both aircraft were later dismantled and scrapped.

The colour photos of Argentina Canberras were submitted by Captain José Agustín Orsi and, as a contribution to the site, he also provide the following information.

"At the present time several Canberras are in operative service but for reasons of security it is obvious that I cannot comment on the actual numbers."
"The Argentina Air Force has, for many years, incorporated a modified engine starting system for the Canberra due to the shortage of the starter cartridges. This modified system was designed by a Group 2 Technician of the II Air Brigade, based in the city of Paraná (where at the moment they operate). The operation of this system is based on compressed air which, although not as instantaneous as the starter cartridge, gives a longer useful life to the starter turbine. Another benefit is that the air-start system doesn't produce the high temperatures of the starter cartridge which means that the starter turbines are less stressed which prolongs their useful working life."
Captain Orsi goes on to say - "I flew the Canberra as a pilot for 50 missions and about 40 as a bombing Navigator. In Argentina the Canberra entered service November 2 1970 and in 2000 it will have been in service here for 30 years!"

Photographs  Click to View

 B.62, B-101 [ex-RAF WJ616]

 B.62, B-102 [ex-RAF WJ713]

 B.62, B-105 [ex-RAF WH702]

 B.62, B-109 [ex-RAF WJ609]

 B.62, B-109 with B-111 [ex-RAF WT476]

 T.64s and B.62, a 3-ship

 Two B.62s