B.62 - B-105
B-105. Argentine Air Force Memorial. Mar del Plata City
(Photo : Pablo Gonzalez)

This B.2 had a very varied life before joining the Argetine Air Force. Built by English Electric at Warton as WH702 it was ready for collection in February 1953. Taken onto the charge of the RAF, it entered service with the Radar Reconnaissance Flight at RAF Watton. During its time with the RRF,WH702 also flew for the Radar Research Establishment on Red Setter sideways looking radar trials (1955/56) and Green Satin trials (1955/56). WH702 was taken off RAF charge in July 1957 but continued research flying with trials for G-Band experimental radar developmant.

WH702 was struck off charge on 5 September 1968 and sold to BAC. From November of that year, BAC converted this B.2 into B.62 configuration for Argentina. It was delivered as B-105 to 1 Sqd on 26 May 1971.

The excellent photograph by Pablo Gonzalez, shows B-105 in very good condition at Mar del Plata City where it stands as a memorial to the Argentinian airmen who took part in the Falklands/Malvinas campaign.