RAAF B.20 - A84-241
GAF A84-241 - Woomera
(Photo : via Daniel Leahy (via Leah Kelly) - Australia)

Built by the Government Aircraft Factories (GAF) in Australia, this B.20 Canberra was constructed in 1957 and had its first flight on 1 April of that year. It was delivered to the charge of the RAAF on 16 May 1957 and went into squadron service, but initially which squadron? Probably 2 Sqd who began converting to Canberras when they gave up their Lincolns in 1953. One of the pictures (below) shows 241 in the foreground of a 2 Sqd line up at Butterworth in November 1966, so it could be assumed that it flew missions in Vietnam.

A84-241 flew with the RAAF for 25 years until, in June 1982, the RAAF gave up its Canberras and it was transferred to Woomera for the Karinga trials.

A84-241-2 Sqd
A84-241 (foreground) with 2Sqd at Butterworth, November 1966.
(Photo : R. Walker)
A84-241-In Flight
A84-241 low and fast off the Queensland coast in late 1965.
(Photo : RAAF)