RAAF B.20 - A84-230
Crew Names GAF A84-230 - Crew names of 230's last flight
(Photo : Antony D. Williamson)
GAF A84-230 - Air Force Association Museum, Bull Creek
(Photo : Antony D. Williamson)

This Australian built Canberra was constructed in 1956 and had its first flight on 20 December of that year. It was delivered to the charge of the RAAF on 6 March 1957, joining 2 Sqd.

With 2 Sqd, this Canberra flew combat operations in Vietnam and is therefore a genuine "Warbird". As such it deserves its place on display at the RAAF Association Museum, Bull Creek, Perth.

After Vietnam, 230 was fitted with aerial cartographic survey equipment and flew in this role for several years. The fitting of the cartographic euipment entailed cutting a hole in the bomb bay doors to allow them to close around the camera. This can be seen in the photo of 230 on its last day in service,

A84-230 was one of four RAAF Canberras to take part in the "Last Day of the Canberra" flight at a special ceremony held at Amberley on 30 June 1982. One of the highlights included a fly past of four RAAF Canberras over Brisbane. Some detail and photos of this event can be seen on the RAAF - The Canberra's Last day.

A84-230 was Presented to the RAAF Association Aviation Heritage Museum in October 1983 and, as can be seen from Antony's photos, is preserved in first class condition.