FAV B(I)82
[Photo : Aldofo Alfonzo of Barcelona, Venezuela]
B(I)82, FAV No 1425

Delivered to the RAF around 1953/54, this Canberra entered service with 57 Sqd. It transferred to the Central Flying School for a while and then back to 57 Sqd. It was sold to BAC in 1965 and converted to a B(I)2 for the FAV. This meant it had the capability to take a gun-pack in its bomb bay and could be roled as an Interdictor. It was delivered in 1966 to FAV's 40th Sqd. BAC converted it to B(I)82 in 1977.
This interesting picture shows 1425 supported on jacks and should provide detail for the modeller. I wonder why the inboard flaps are not down as well as the outboard? Maybe they should both be up! If a Canberra sat for any length of time, gradual loss of hydraulic pressure in the systems meant that the flaps would "droop".

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